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As sad as the job losses due to the current pandemic are, over-bearing leftist rules like AB5 will continue killing jobs long after we’ve conquered Covid-19.

I commit to restore and rebuild our economy and bring back California jobs. I will fight Lorena Gonzalez, Gavin Newsom, their Union Thugs and their onerous regulations that have stifled and killed the best chance any of us have to get ahead.

I signed the Gig Worker Protection Initiative. When it qualified for the November Ballot, I was thrilled. I will work and campaign to make sure this initiative passes in November.

In post-pandemic California, the face of education must dramatically change. Distance Learning and Home Schooling is the “New Normal”.

It’s time to positively rethink education. Our students must receive the best education that technology can provide. We cannot succumb to the whims of Government Edu-crats, School Employee Unions or Social Engineers.

Student learning must guide our reform efforts, not indoctrination. Educational tax dollars must update the “classroom” and respond to student educational needs not administrator overhead.

I am a firm supporter of choice in Education — your choice. You should not have to move to have a good education. Charter schools provide a necessary stepping-stone to young people achieving their educational goals. Study after study confirms charter school students have a higher college acceptance rate than those attending public schools.

I will not abandon our community public schools either. We need to redouble and focus our public school educational reform efforts. Give all students the tools they need to obtain the quality education they deserve.

I support expanded home schooling and distance learning options for our public school students. We must seek opportunities to collaborate with the Tech Industry. We must find new ways to ensure all students have access to the educational technology and tools they need for a quality education.

Lastly, this pandemic has revealed the inflated cost of a post-secondary education. The coming academic year features another barrage of community colleges and universities cancelling classes. Now is not the time to be seeking higher or maintaining inflated per unit costs and attendance fees. Let’s return the savings of technology to students by reducing college unit costs and student fees – by law.

Recent events in Minneapolis, Georgia and elsewhere are truly troubling. They should not happen. Safe communities require great policing. “Defunding” Law Enforcement is NOT the answer.  Defending Law Enforcement is.

We need protection from the criminal element, not Social Workers in Blue. Our Police must be well trained and stand strong. We must have their backs.

Coddling criminals must end. The wholesale “Get out of Jail Free” mindset of Christy Smith and her “Soft on Crime” colleagues is dangerous and will leave us vulnerable.

For over twenty years, Progressives have reduced or eliminated criminal penalties.  With each retreat, crime has skyrocketed in our neighborhoods.

It is time to stop the “Participation Medals” and take back our streets. It is time to mete out sentences that keep criminals off our streets and behind bars where they belong.

For over a century bail has been an integral part of our Criminal Justice System. Fair and affordable bail is key to ensuring those charged with a crime(s) show up in Court.

Recently the Legislature passed and the Governor signed into law the next step in making us more vulnerable to criminals — SB10 does away with cash bail and implements the next form of progressive social engineering.

SB10 does away with cash bail and implements the next form of progressive social engineering.  Let’s be honest. There will always be bad people and a criminal element.  For serious felons or repeat offenders, there is bail. First-time offenders who made a mistake, can be released on their own recognizance by a Judge.

We need to resist the social engineers and keep our current bail system.  I signed the petition to referend SB10. I intend to vote to repeal SB10—you should too.  If elected, I will work diligently to keep our streets safe, and criminals behind bars.

My approach to taxes is simple—”NO NEW TAXES”. I will never vote to increase the tax burden on California’s working families.

Why? Because I reject the progressive sleight-of-hand of taxing  businesses and corporations at a higher rate to take more of your hard-earned money. 

Businesses and corporations do not pay taxes. Their customers do through higher consumer prices that are the direct result of high corporate taxes.

It is just another progressive trick to take more money from the hard-working families of the 38th Assembly District. They want you to think that someone else is paying the bill instead of you. Corporate taxes are a tax increase on you!

If elected, from day one, I will look at how each and every existing tax can be either reduced or eliminated.

Lucie Volotzky is endorsed by

“Lucie Volotzky is my kind of Republican Leader, honest, hardworking, and filled with integrity. Lucie will never be a pawn for the establishment, instead she’ll be a leader for the working families of the 38th Assembly District. I’m proud to endorse Lucie Volotzky I’ll be voting for her November 3rd, I would ask you to join with me”
Councilwoman Barbra Williamson
Simi Valley City Council (Retired)
Lucie Volotzky has been a diligent worker for the betterment of our community and exactly the type of level headed leader we desperately need in Sacramento.
Hon. Greig Smith
Los Angeles City Councilman (Retired)
“Lucie is a solid Republican, fighting against the Executive Order tyranny of Gavin Newsom” …”
For that reason, I want to stand squarely with her as we work to end this One-Party State”
Pastor Rob McCoy
God Speaks Church, Newbury Park
Former Mayor
City of Thousand Oaks
“Lucie has worked tirelessly to meet the constituents of District 38 and to understand their concerns. As a long-time business owner, Lucie grasps the challenges facing today’s businesses and their employees. She will work to bring consensus and common sense to California’s State Assembly. We can count on Lucie’s proven work ethic and integrity.”
Elaine Litster
Councilwoman City of Simi Valley
You are doing a fantastic job.
Jennifer Horn
Radio Host - AM870 The Answer
The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee is pleased to inform you that we are endorsing you for your race for Assembly District 38. We appreciate your strong and constant support for Proposition 13 and your excellent service to taxpayers. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the years ahead.
Jon Coupal, Chairman
I have worked with Lucie since 2002 on local volunteer efforts to make this a better place to live, work and raise a family. She is skillful, dedicated and anxious to serve the citizens of the 3 Valleys she will represent. I strongly endorse Lucie Volotzky for State Assembly!
Nelson Tucker

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